UniFi Mobile now has an unlimited quota plan named Bebas

Internet addict? Worry no more with the UniFi Mobile Bebas plan. TM has just recently updated the UniFi Mobile with BEBAS addon that brings unlimited mobile data into UniFi Mobile network.

According to the report from SoyaCincau, TM has bring the BEBAS unlimited mobile data into its SIM recently and it is available to purchase as an addon. The cheapest BEBAS add on starts at RM3 valid for 2 hours while a day of unlimited data starts at RM5. Meanwhile, you can opt for 7 days of unlimited data with just RM20 per week. Unfortunately, there isn’t option for 30 days unlimited data and you might need to subscribe BEBAS whenever the period has ended.

One worthy note is that the UniFi Bebas add on only supports cellular connection through 4G LTE and once there is only 3G available, the quota deduction remains.

Download the UniFi Mobile with free SIM card from TM to enjoy the new BEBAS experience.