Windows 11 will be officially released on 5th October

Microsoft has announced the release date of the highly anticipated Windows 11 which is on 5th October. This upgrade comes in free for those PC with supported hardware. Microsoft execs also stated that they have learned from the mistakes from Windows 10 and will be addressed and offering the best user experience on Windows 11.

To update to Windows 11, there are some hardware requirements need to be achieved. You can check whether your system is compatible with the Windows 11 in Windows update settings.

However, a highlighted feature where Windows 11 supporting Android app will not be available on the release day. It could be available from next year onward.

For those PC that are not eligible, you can download the Windows 11 ISO file and load into your system as long as you met the following requirement: 64bit 1Ghz processor, two cores or above, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM and most importantly, the TPM 1.2 chipset (standard update requires TPM 2.0).

However, update through this method will results in PC might not be able to support future Windows 11 update or security patches due to requirement mistmatch.


Windows 11