XPAX EasyPhone gets you Galaxy Note 8 from RM238/month & RM30 prepaid line!

If everything is within schedule, Samsung will be launching the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone in the next two days. Meanwhile, Celcom XPAX’s EasyPhone has a new offer on the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone where you can own it after subscribing for a RM30 prepaid line with a monthly installment at RM238.

Xpax Samsung Galaxy Note8


Each prepaid user has to prove their credit worthiness which includes documents such as payslip, bank account information etc and claims will be processed within 3 working days. Upon successful registration, the user will receive an email and will be able to retrieve their new Galaxy Note 8 at their nearest BlueCube center

XPAX EasyPhone’s collaborates with Aeon Bank for installment package and comes with interest rate as above. Lastly, EasyPhone requires users to register billing with auto-debit where payment can be processed through major online banking solutions. Learn more at Xpax official site!