You won’t how this most widely used app can kill your iPhone storage space!

With rising smartphone hardware and specifications that can saves tons of music and high quality images taken from camera, storage space of a smartphone is highly essential to keep those memories in your smartphone. However, if you happen to have a 64GB or 128GB iPhone and still face the same troublesome issue, the main suspected application that cause this problem has revealed, and this is the most widely used application that almost smartphone uses anywhere any day.

WhatsApp-Is-Barely-Usable-on-iPhone-6-Plus-Gallery-463539-2 (1)


A new bug has been reported to Whatsapp as many users reported that their storage space is slowly taken up by this WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp has rolled out a quick update to fix this bug and manage to save some space in iPhone. Currently, this bug has not appeared on Android platform yet.


The new version of WhatsApp Messenger is at v2.12.15

Source : Mydrivers