3 new commercials shows how impressive the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge are!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge is one of the most highlighted smartphone in the media in the early 2016. Sporting high performance hardware along with a brilliant display, the Galaxy S7 Edge has more to offer apart from its specifications.

On the first commercial, it can be seen that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a good water resistant ability that is IP68 certified. The smartphone has a water resistant depth at 1.5m for not more than 30 minutes. The main persona is able to pick up the call even the smartphone has been submerged into the sink filled with water.

The Samsung Pay is one of the new mobile payment technology launched to compete against its rival Apple Pay. The Samsung Pay is a new payment technology that uses near field communication which is currently supported in western countries such as US, Australia and now available in Singapore!

The third commercials shows the amazing camera performance of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at low light environment. It is able to capture images in dark without the use of flash while the object can be clearly seen. All of this are credited to the Dual Pixel camera that features an ultra-large aperture at f/1.7

Source : Android.tgbus