A new design defect makes the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus touchscreen lost its function

From the bendgate to camera module oxidization, many iPhone 6 and 6S users reported that their iPhone 6 and 6 Plus touchscreen is no longer working after a grey bar is noticed on the top of the display. What’s even worse is this smartphone touch screen issue cannot be fixed by simply replacing the touchscreen without digging into major components itself. As touchscreen display plays an essential role for user to interact with the smartphone function, this issue has rendered entire smartphone into a useless piece of gadget.


User first reported a small grey bar has appeared on the top which slowly expanded to the entire top section of the touch screen. The touchscreen then slowly lost its sensitivity over time and eventually it is completely unable to use at the end.


Digging into the hardware in the logic board, iFixit suggest that this is caused by a design flaw in the iPhone 6 are the Touch IC chip is covered with a thin piece of metal while the iPhone 5S comes with a hardware outer layer.

Source : 自由时报

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