Apple launches iOS 11.3 with battery check, 4 new Animoji and ARkit 1.5!

If you have received any software update notification on your iOS device today, it must the newly released iOS 11.3 launched recently. It is the 12th official software update for iOS device such as iPhone and iPad and also available in iPad mini 2 and 6th generation iPod touch. As promised, there is no much changes in the OS apart from the addition of new features and Animojis

The first highlighted feature are the battery health check soon after the battery gate incident that strikes on Apple reputation last month. Users can now check the remaining battery health and prevent sudden shut down without command. You can get it on the battery settings on the settings menu.


This new update also brings new AR experience with the introduction of ARKit 1.5. It has improve the recognition from plan surfaces to wall and thus bring more interaction in the AR aspect.

On the other hand, this new update also adds new Animojis for you to express your facial emotions in animation.

By facilitating the interaction between business owner to customer, business chat in iOS 11.3 brings message exchange between both parties and merchants supported currently includes Discover, Hilton, Lowe’s and Wells Fargo in US. After securing an order, users can check out their items with Apple Pay and Apple ensures that all confidential information are kept private and secured.

The new Health app gets you reminded on the all your current health status and sort all your health data into a single app.

If you have yet to receive the iOS 11.3 update, simply visit Software Update section in the Settings menu.