Apple to launch 5G iPad/iPhone on Q3 2020 powered by Qualcomm

According to the newest report by DigiTimes, Apple will be launching the first 5G supported iPhone and iPad Pro. 

These device will be powered by Apple A14 chip (and A14X on iPad Pro) which supports mmWave and 6Ghz network. The 5G iPhone will be utilizing Snapdragon X55 modem but there is no details yet on what modem will be used for iPad Pro.

The mmWave technology is able to achieve high transfer rate at short distance which is great for high population density area. The 6Ghz 5G is usually slower than mmWave but its wider coverage allows rural area to be supported under 5G network.

According to previous rumor, Apple is planning the launch of iPad Pro on this March and comes with triple rear camera. More details will be revealed soon.