DJI smallest drone – SPARK will be launching mid June from RM2380!

The smallest drone from DJI will be coming to Malaysia soon! On the 24th May, DJI has launched their successor of the Mavic Pro trimmed down to an extremely compact version and named as DJI SPARK. Both drones (Mavic Pro and Spark) targets different consumers ranged to casual to professional. One retailer in Malaysia – Shashinki has stated that the DJI Spark will be available on mid-June this year with price starts from RM2380.


Despite it is an imported product, the DJI Spark warranty will be covered entirely under DJI Malaysia. The RM2399 package includes 1 drone, 1 battery and 3 flaps. There will be a “Spark Fly More Combo” from Shashinki which will provides more optional accessories such as battery, remote control, flaps, protector and bag for the DJI Spark.

In the meantime, another local importer March also revealed the price tag and availability of DJI Spark in Malaysia. The DJI Spark from March is priced at RM2380 which is slightly cheaper than Shashinki but expected to be available on July onward. Both retailers are authorized distributor for DJI and all units sold are covered under official warranty from DJI Malaysia.

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