Google Android Q may remove the iconic back button

The greatest distinguishing factor of the Android & iOS is the navigation keys which including home, back and multi task bar. Although there has been many manufacturer (mostly Chinese) ditches the multi nav bar, the original Android still have it as default.

In the newest Android Q update, the navigation bar now only contains a pill-like “home” button along with the back button. Multitasking center can be launched by swiping home key upward and extended swip will launch app drawer.

In the January update, Google has removed the back button and now relies on gesture to move between app. User can now swipe the home button to the left to go back, shown below.


You can switch to the nearest app by swiping home button to the right.


Nonetheless, the new Android Q is expected to be revealed on Google I/O on 7th to 9th May this year. Stay tuned.