Google cloud gaming “Stadia” coming this 2019 with 8K 120 fps in future

Around yesterday night Google has announced their cloud gaming streaming service – Stadia at GDC this year. The Google Stadia does not requires a superb hardware on the end user system to be able to play high resolution and superb quality game tittles. All of the hassle can be done via cloud streaming services via your internet.

Currently, Google Stadia supports 4K 60 fps transmission for smooth gameplay provided if you have a decent internet. It is runs entirely on Linux with Vulkan, Havok game engine support.

As a game streamer, it is certainly a hassle to stream and play along as streaming taken up a big chuck of your network as well as the memory. With Google Stadia, you can gaming while you stream and no memory or performance resources will be taken away when you game!


Google also developed their own dedicated gaming controller for Google Stadia which integrate with Stadia system along with screen capture button and Google Assistant. In the demo video, the Google Assistant is particular helpful when you are trying to find a solution into a puzzle and Google Assistant while show you side by side.

The Google Stadia will be first released on US, Canada, UK and Europe and no news for availability in Asia countries yet. Google also has it plan to create exclusive tittles on Google Stadia and promotes integration for game with Stadia services.