How to boost your Wi-Fi in just 6 baby steps!

With the rising popularity of smartphone and tablet, we are unable to live in a world without Wi-Fi for internet connection. However, slow Wi-Fi can be a great suffering when you are expecting some information in a urgent manner. Here are some tips to get the best Wi-Fi connection out of your house.

1. Router location & position

The router is best positioned in the middle of the house! This is avoid unnecessary obstruction of wall when delivering signal right onto your mobile.



Put your router in a reasonable height that will strengthen its broadcast signal!


2. Keep your Wifi antenna in perpendicular direction!

When the Wi-Fi receptor share the same travel direction as the Wi-Fi antenna, the signal is mostly received at the end device. Thus, keep your Wi-Fi antenna in perpendicular direction for best Wi-Fi gain!


3. Reduce other wireless broadcasting devices

Even just a microwave, wireless telephone can affect the signal broadcast and reception! So remove unnecessary wireless device for the best Wi-Fi performance on your router!


4. Testing Wi-Fi signal strength

Wi-Fi signal can varies at different location at your home, so choose the best Wi-Fi signal location for your PC!


6. Restart your router in a routine frequent

Prolonged usage of the WiFi router can result in reduction in Wi-Fi performance. So, restart your router in a daily or weekly basis for a better Wi-Fi broadcast and distribution!