HUAWEI brings AI services into APAC region for long distance working, telemedicine & online learning

With the recent progression of 5G network development by HUAWEI, 5G is now getting popular in major cities of Europe, China and even some part of Malaysia. As the COVID-19 pandemic has been controlled in China region, HUAWEI will be collaborating with APAC countries to overcome challenges in telecommunication during the pandemic.

In this regard, HUAWEI stated that HUAWEI has developed four applications for telemedicine in response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation, namely real-time video, remote collaboration, remote consultation and remote protection. These applications have been widely used in countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

As an example, Telemedicine conferencing is used in some hospital and epidemic surveillance center in Thailand which enables local medical expert to directly deal with current pandemic issue such as prevention work, online consultation and training.

In this regard, Thai Minister of Digital Economy and Society launched the HUAWEI 5G solution and AI technology-assisted diagnosis and treatment system locally so that it can be deployed and applied during the outbreak.

In the Philippines Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center), the CT Scan solution in the HUAWEI AI assisted technology was used to help the relevant medical team to respond to the suspect more quickly. The patients affected by COVID-19 were tested.

Apart from Philippines, the 7-Netowrk in Singapore also sues HUAWEI smart cloud solution to provide daily health checking platform for SME employees.

As for an effort in combating COVID-19 outbreak, HUAWIE also launches Anti COVID-19 collaboration plan which covers 5 areas – remote work, AI support, enterprise assistance, telemedicine and online learning.