Huawei prediction on 10 upcoming trends in 2025

About two days ago, Huawei has announced their upcoming vision for GIV@2025 and predicts the following trend. In 2025, smart technologies will be widespread into every individual, every home and every organization. In the whole world, there will be 58% of the total population to be able to enjoy 5G network, 14% of family now has their own smart family assistant and 97% of the large organization now uses AI with smart virtual assistant will be deployed to 90% of the total population.

Here are the top 10 things that Huawei predict for 2025.

1) A family robot

As 14% of the total population now has their own smart robot, it will integrating and assisting human workforce in labour and more. The robot could become a part of the family.

2) Limitless imagination

With the aid of VR and AR, there is no limitation in which one can imagine or express

3) Zero search needs

As the IoT and smart things were integrated into our lives, there isn’t much need for you to find your information but instead where the information comes along

4) Vehicles integration into a vast network

The smart traffic system will be able to integrate all vehicles, driving personnel and driving lane into a single network for a great management in traffic flow and reduce emergency response time.

5) Robots to replace labour workforce

In coming years, robot and human will become integrated into a part of the workforce. As robot reduces the risk associated with the type of work and are generally making less mistakes, it could be spread out construction, manufacturing, medical and more application field.

6) Seamless communication

With the advancement in translation and communication technologies, there will be no barrier in communication for people lives across the globe speaking different languages.

7) AI to benefits workforce with the technology it offers

Over 97% of big companies will employ AI as part of their workforce

8) Globalization of economics

As more companies and people able to work under one roof along with seamless communication, companies worldwide will be able to communicate and work with other partners on the other part of the globe.

9) Vast 5G network availability

More people will be able to enjoy 5G network and the benefit it brings

10) Data standards

With the rise of more data which can be integrated for the benefits of an organization, a data standard measure is required for data to be regulated under a fair society.