Huawei to reduce supplies demands from US companies

Soon after the G20 Summit, US has begin loosen up its regulations on supplies of certain goods to Huawei. Although this does seems as a good solution for Huawei to be able to procure technology from US, Huawei has stated that they are trying to rely less on procuring equipments from US companies.

Rumor has it that Huawei has successfully converted wireless technology, WiFi chipset from Skyworks, Qorvo & Broadcom from the US and pass it to Murata from Japan and RichWave from Taiwan. In the meantime, Huawei is also moving its wireless signal amplifer and signal broadcasting components to Taiwan company.

While reducing reliance from US company, Huawei look forward to supply up to 2700 million smartphones this year. The ability of Huawei device to use Android OS is another factor for Huawei smartphones survival in foreign countries.

Source : huawei central