Maxis to offer 3-20GB data for its postpaid customer during the MCO period.

In lieu of the movement control order, most of us were required to stay at home where the other sacrifices their lives to be the front line and saving people life. In the meantime, Maxis is offering free 3GB of mobile data and free 20GB of mobile data for Hotlink customer.

From 27th March onward, each postpaid plan user can receive free 3GB of data to be used at Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. As for Hotlink uers, each time of purchase on HotlinkMU to receive free 20G mobile data! Maxis is also offering reload through App to enjoy 30% data.

To receive the free 3GB data, you will need to claim it from the Maxis App and valid for 3 days. Each user can only claim once. However, the 20GB data can be claim more than once for each purchase of Hotlink MU.

Maxis will be offering free data access for government and news site.

As for business customer, Maxis will be offering free 6 months Maxis Managed UC phone system and free 2 months of Voice Connect App. You will need to subscribe ONEBusiness Voice Connect service and above to retrieve the free perks.

Maxis also rolls out free data usage on ekelas portal for stress free online learning.

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