Microsoft had just launched the new Surface laptop with Windows 10 S

The launch of Surface Pro and Surface Studio have targeted different consumer range and the Surface Studio is one of the most welcomed creator tools listed by reviewers. As the Surface Pro targets towards business professionals and Surface Studio for content creators, Microsoft has launches the Surface Laptop that runs on Windows 10 S operating system for home and students.



The new Surface Laptop is targeted towards the Macbook series which comes with 13.5 inches Full HD display and a keyboard with Alcantara material. It is available in gold, silver, wine red and blue for colour selection.


surfacelaptopevent6As the flagship laptop of Microsoft, the Surface Laptop offers Core i5/ i7 processors and up to 1TB SSD. Microsoft promises 14.5 hours of battery life and it offers 50% more performance than the Macbook Air and weights even lighter.


As for its pricing, the Core i5 model starts from $999 (~RM4310) and comes with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage. The pre-order has started yesterday and to deliver from 15th June onward.

Source : The Verge, Engadget中文版