New Unifi fiber package: 50Mbps for RM179; 100Mbps for RM229!

Good news for existing Unifi subscriber! For those who sign up UniFi package before December 2016, the existing or new subscriber before 31th December 2016 will be able to enjoy package upgrade from April onward that comes with more bandwidth and speed allocation. In another words, 50Mbps and 100Mbps package plan will only cost by RM179 and RM229 respectively if you sign up before end of this year.



Previously at RM199 per month, subscriber can purchase UniFi Advance 30 with 30Mbps download bandwidth and UniFi Advance 50 at RM249. These plan can now be grabbed at RM179 and RM229 respectively and it will be upgraded to 50 and 100Mbps next year onward. This promotion only valid until end of the year and the price will be reverted the same next year.

Meanwhile, Streamyx user will not able to enjoy such luxurious upgrade provided that their area has no optic fiber coverage. However, TM will be offering a new plan for a minority of Streamyx user who reside at Sub-Urban Broadband (SUBB) area on June next year.