Not sure where to sell your phone? Download InstaCash app to sell you phone in 1 day with pickup option

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of old device at your home? Why not sell it? Instacash is an application available on Android and iOS devices which you can download, get a quote and sell your phone.

Here are the steps to sell your phone or trade up using InstaCash:

1. Download the app


2. Register an account

3. Select Get a Quote for this device

4. Select Get Exact Quote

5. Select I’m Ready

Click “Start” to start checking the usage of this phone

7. Tap all the “blue and white checkered” patterns to check the status of the phone

8. After checking, click “I’m Done”

9. Answer some questions about the phone

10. If you are satisfied with the official proposed sale price, you can proceed to the next step

11. Fill in the address information for receiving the old mobile phone

12. You can also choose to go to the official proposed location for Trade In trade-in

13. Fill in the bank account information, or choose to receive cash at that time

14. Click “Confirm Order” to wait for the relevant personnel to contact you