Olike will be making more gadgets for other smartphone brands!

In the middle of April 2015, OPPO has announced its official authorised gadget distributor – iLike for the marketing and distribution for all OPPO smartphones compatible gadget. Since iLike has gained decent amount of reputation in Malaysia gadget industry, OPPO will now bring a new ‘Olike’ for the distribution and marketing of gadgets from other brands!



The Olike is similar with iLike but it is not exclusively dedicated for the distribution of OPPO gadgets only. The new gadgets from Olike includes earphones, loudspeaker, powerbanks and more! The OPPO Malaysia accessories manager – Edmund Wong expressed that the OPPO brand has been well recognized in the Malaysian mobile market and he hopes that Olike will receives the same popularity in the future.



With the increasing demands of smartphone gadgets that further improving of the user experience of smartphone, the new Olike will be providing similar high quality service as iLike and hence OPPO is confident in surpassing the expectation from Malaysian consumers.

In the consumer perspective, the increasing amount of competitor will brings positive change to the consumer to some extend. There will be more gadget option to choose from in the future as manufacturer strives to produce the best quality gadget to cater the needs of the consumer.