Samsung Galaxy A7 triple rear camera experience & review

About few weeks ago, Samsung Malaysia has announced and launched the Samsung Galaxy A7 and A9 which has a triple and quad rear camera and it’s certainly bizarre for something that appears so advance to be featured on a mid-range smartphone. Pre-order response has confirmed the popularity of the new mid-range and today we’ll see how does the triple rear camera performs on this mid-range level smartphone.

Here’s some unedited shots taken from the triple rear camera on the Samsung Galaxy A7!

The Galaxy A7 has added “Live Focus” on the triple rear camera camera software where user can preview in-depth effect on photo in real time. The blurred effect highlights the object thus making it more appealing.

Apart from the front facing camera, the rear camera is also equipped with selfie beauty algorithm to provide enhancement on facial features when face is recognized in the image.

Camera even works great in low light environment.


In short summary, the Galaxy A7 camera is decent in another level despite being built on a mid-range smartphone. There are a lot of features to play with and expert camera user could even turn the camera to capture awesome shots! Even tap and shot works great in full auto mode.