The next generation S800 SoC is the Snapdragon 835 and would likely to be first featured on the Galaxy S8

Soon after the success of the Snapdragon 800, Qualcomm will be moving towards the development of high-end mobile SoC which could likely be the Snapdragon 830. However, one credible professional on Weibo @Kevin王的日记本 has posted an update mentioned that Qualcomm has finally decided to name their next generation processor the Snapdragon 835 and would be likely to be first featured on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. 


The Snapdragon 830 sub contractor has confirmed that they have received contract for the manufacturing of 10nm processor for Samsung which starts end of this year. This could largely hint that the half of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be powered by the new generation SoC while half is powered by Samsung own Exynos SoC.

Nonetheless, why does Qualcomm named it Snapdragon 835 instead of 830?


Source : 安卓中文网