Unifi Mobile brings postpaid with 2GB data for RM19, unlimited data & calls for RM99!

About two days ago, UniFi mobile has teased that they will be announcing “something good” today and here it arrives! UniFi Mobile is finally offering postpaid plan which is affordable and catered to different demand at different prices!


The Value Plan postpaid option offers variety of data quota amount and call times based on user preference.

  • Unifi Mobile 19:2GB Data(1GB LTE+1GB 3G) + 5 free calls
  • Unifi Mobile 29:3GB Data(2GB LTE+1GB 3G) + 50 free calls
  • Unifi Mobile 39:5GB Data (4GB LTE+1GB 3G)+ 50 free calls
  • Unifi Mobile 59:10GB Data(9GB LTE+1GB 3G) + 100 free calls

There will be no contract bound when you subscribe to the postpaid which means you can switch easily anytime you want. But respective upfront payment is required when you sign up their postpaid plan. In the meantime, UniFi Mobile will charge for iMessage and FaceTime activation fee for RM0.50.

If these data doesn’t seem sufficient enough, you can opt for UniFi Mobile 99 which brings unlimited data and calls for RM99 with 10GB hotspot data to share with! There is also no contract bound to this plan.

From today onward, you can sign up your preferred plan at Unifi Mobile official site as all detailed information is available there.