UNLIMITED mobile quota & calls from Digi as low as RM80/month!

As far as we know, Webe is the one and the only one telco in Malaysia that offers unlimited quota of mobile data every month but it comes with certain terms and conditions limited to smartphone network specification. This time, Digi has officially unveiled a new UNLIMITED plan that offers unlimited mobile data quota and unlimited calls as low as RM80 per month!

YES! There will be no limit to surf or stream videos online and you can make calls as long as you want without worrying on your credit limit. The Digi INFINITE postpaid plan comes with 2 option – the INFINITE 80 for RM80 per month and INFINITE 150 for RM150 per month. Here’s the difference between both.


As for the INFINITE 80 plan, it comes with 5Mbps speed cap while the INFINITE 150 offers 4G connectivity. The RM80/month plan also comes with 300 free SMS per month while the latter has 1000 free SMS. On the other hand, hotspot and tethering is limited for INFINITE 80 with a RM10 addon to share your 5GB of mobile data for 30 days. There is no restriction for the latter.

The first 10000 user who sign up INFINITE 80 comes with 12 month Hotspot/ Tether fee waived (worth RM120) but it is only limited to 5GB per month.


The Digi INFINITE offers a new option for unlimited internet based on mobile connectivity. This two plan will be open for registration for a limited time until 24th June only. Visit Digi INFINITE to sign up now!

Source : Digi