Apple Music is the centre of everything

On the WWDC 2015, aparts from announcing the iOS 9 and the OS X 10.11, Apple also announced their new music app which can be found as a new feature on the iOS 9. The Apple Music is a combination of 4, in which are the stock music app, iTunes Radio+Beats One, iTunes Music Streaming and Connect. Combining those 4 essential and non essential comes to an app named Apple Music.

Apart from being a conventional music playing application, the Apple Music brings personalized recommendation with online music sources from iTunes Radio and Monster Beats (which later formed as Beats One). Users can also interact with various music artist with the Apple Music app.

Apple also opened up the music streaming from iTunes 3 months trial for free. After 3 months, user can choose to pay with personal plan (US$9.99/RM 38) or family plan at US$14.99 (RM57).

The Apple Music will be launched and available on iOS 8.4 at 30 of June 2015. It will also released onto Apple TV and Android platform.