Apple to replace new Macbook pro with IGZO display for better battery life

With the launch of the new Apple Macbook Pro with an iconic touch bar, many of the poor reviews has arised from its poor battery life. While an ultrabook alike laptop is expect to deliver decent performance while not sacrifices excessive battery life, the Macbook Pro was given a poor rating on a review from Consumer ReportAs for this, Apple has begin its action to improve the Macbook Pro battery life by replacing the display with an IGZO panel.


The new Macbook Pro with IGZO TFT-LCD display is expected to reduce power consumption by 80% from conventional display. By reducing possible power consumption, the battery drain issues from the Macbook Pro can be resolved. The new IGZO panel for Macbook Pro will be supplied by Samsung and Sharp and expected to deliver after first quarter this year.


Source : 3C科技