Apple Watch reached 1 million in pre-order on first day

The Apple Watch has been made available for pre-order in US since April 10 last week. Although the response wasn’t as great as the iPhone launch day, the Apple Watch still being able to reach 970,000 pre-order (approximate) in the first day. It is currently out of stock in many of the authorized Apple retailer in the US. The most welcomed Apple Watch sold were the aluminium Sport line and followed by the Stainless steel edition. Meanwhile, the most favorite color of Apple Watch are “space gray” band followed by stainless steel, silver aluminium and space black. 

Let’s look at the infographic to sums up favourite Apple bands and type from the pre-order.

Source: Slice Intelligent


The statistic above only depicts the favourite model from the US only. The band and color preferences is all country and personal preference.  Nevertheless, the Apple Watch will be available in 9 countries which are Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK, and the US from April 24th. It is unsure whether Apple will introduce it into in Malaysia in the future.

Source: Quartz