Battery life of Galaxy S7 Edge fall shorts after Android 7 upgrade

Samsung has officially launched the stable Android Nougat firmware to all Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge user across the globe few weeks ago and majority of user has upgraded through OTA upgrade notification. While the new upgrade introduces new features and software optimization, GSMArena has discovered that the battery endurance has fall short with the previous firmware in their battery endurance test.

Web Browsing

三星S7 Edge升级Android 7.0续航测试:超后悔


Video Playback

三星S7 Edge升级Android 7.0续航测试:超后悔


Talk time

三星S7 Edge升级Android 7.0续航测试:超后悔


Surprisingly, talk time has increased despite the video playback and web browsing time has been reduced. Looks like there are certain rooms for optimization and improvement to enhance the battery life in the next few updates

Source : gsmarena