Digi Smart Prepaid gives you unlimited surfing quota!

Apart from the new postpaid plan, Digi also roll out a new Prepaid plan that provides unlimited surfing quota for just RM10! The all new Digi Smart Prepaid is another similar plan with the Celcom Xpax Magic SIM which allow unlimited internet quota for surfing but comes with a speed cap at 64kbps. However, those who requires more high speed quota can purchase through Digi with different additional services that addon different amount of high speed quota.

As seen on above, a monthly prepaid fee of RM16 grants you 400MB of high speed internet quota. It also provides unlimited of Facebook, Whatsapp and WeChat services for those heavy IM user. Besides, it also provides free 1.5GB of YouTube video streaming during the wee hours (1am-7am). However, all those additional free quota ends on the end of July this year.

Heavy facebook user can also purchase 100MB of Facebook quota for just RM0.50 per day. Those who rely on Social IM such as WeChat and Whatsapp can pruchase weekly Rm3 for unlimited high speed quota for those app.

Based on previous comparison with other telco, this plan is highly suitable for those who requires less mobile internet per month. It is undeniebly one of the cheapest internet plan on town as it is highly suitable for those does not rely heavily on internet task.

Besides, you also can set 3 different numbers as “Smart Buddyz” that grants you free calls and SMS between these numbers. Non ‘Smart Buddyz’ users can enjoy affordable rate at 30cents for a minute call and 8 cent per SMS. For more information, please click here