DxOMark rates HUAWEI Mate 20 X camera at 118, videography at 97 with total at 111!

Recently, DxOMark has updated the benchmark chart with the Mate 20 X which is launched 2 years ago. The general score of this smartphone is at 111 which is 1 mark less than the Mate 20 Pro.

Here’s what DxOMark has to say about its triple rear camera and front facing camera.

DxOMark stated that the Mate 20X Quad Bayer sensor is able to offer balance in exposure but the clarity is not fully optimized yet. Noise is still present when capturing photos in a room. However, generally the noise is controlled to good manner and the marks were greatly accounted by the exposure adjusting algorithm.

As for videography, it is rated 97 marks. This is contributed by the good autofocus and noise control. However some improvements is required for capturing video while walking.

More details of the reveal here.