FAA: No Galaxy Note 7 on flight!

As the battery explosion issues of the Galaxy Note 7 has become one of the major media highlight in recent weeks, Samsung has announced recall of their Note 7 smartphone and to issue a one to one replacement for all Note 7 users around the globe. The battery explosion incident on the Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t just end on the case on Taiwan but also on US where the Galaxy Note 7 has just burned the whole JEEP down.


According to TheVerge, FAA has released a statement on the Galaxy Note 7 on flight. While FAA has not fully prohibit passenger to carry on flight, FAA strongly advise passenger not to turn on or charge their Galaxy Note 7 during the entire flight and not to put it within checked baggage. It is also advisable not to bring it to airplane throughout the journey. 

On a side note, Malaysian Galaxy Note 7 users that are worried on this issue can replace the existing smartphone to a new set on 29th September onward. More details can be found at:

Samsung Malaysia announces replacement for existing Galaxy Note 7 users!