Facebook announces all new Messenger app for iOS, offering

Being one of the largest social platform for communication, Facebook will be bringing an all new revamped Messenger which will be first available on iOS.


According to Facebook, this is based on a project called Project LightSpeed to transform the Messenger app for the iOS platform. The new updated Messenger app will be made available by 3rd March today.

Facebook said that the new iOS Messenger Apps reduced its capacity to one-quarter the size of the original version (360,000 lines of code) , doubled its operating speed, and used 84% less code than the original version.

Facebook mentioned that some of the features would be temporarily unavailable under such a rebuild, but they said they would be added in the future. It is also worth mentioning that Facebook did not mention Android news in this plan introduction. If you want to see this Project LightSpeed on Android applications, it may take some time.