Free 3x more data for U Mobile UMI prepaid plan!

It is just 3 days left till the Christmas day and new year celebration, but U Mobile has prepared a surprise gift to all U Mobile Unlimited Mobile Internet subscriber! If you had signed up any of the UMI plan, you can get 3 times more data from today till 15th February next year!

UMI 20 (5GB)

  • RM20/month
  • 4.5GB data
  • Free 500MB Video Onz
  • Unlimited Music Onz


UMI 25 (7GB)

  • RM25/month
  • 6GB data
  • Free 1GB Video Onz
  • Free Music Onz


UMI 30 (10GB)

  • RM30/month
  • 7.5GB data
  • Free2.5GB Video Onz
  • Free Music Onz
  • 30 minutes free call to all network


UMI 38 (8GB)

  • RM38/month
  • 6GB data
  • Free 2GB Video Onz
  • Free Music Onz
  • 150 mins unlimited free calls to all network


UMI 50 (16GB)

  • RM50/month
  • 12GB data
  • Free 4GB Video Onz
  • Free Music Onz
  • 50 minutes unlimited calls to all network for free


U Mobile has yet to release any service update on its website but we will keep you updated!

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