HP launches #WorkFromHappyPlace, with tons of prize up for grab!

Today, HP launches a new campaign  #WorkFromHappyPlace that provide a series of promotion and deal as well as contest draw to the consumers on the market. Aimed to provide a better working environment with higher productivity, HP now offering promotions on selected gadgets and laptop while giving away prizes up to RM3000!

1.HP Stream 7/8 Tablet

The HP Stream in one of the tablet from HP that supports mobile data connection. Power with Intel Atom processor, the HP streams comes with 2 different variant at 7′ and 8′ inches. The 7′ inch tablet cost at RM529 while the 8′ tablet cost at RM847. Every single purchase of this laptop comes with a SIM worth RM30 accompanying with mobile data connection.

2.HP Stream Notebook PC 11/13

HP Stream Notebook PC comes with 2 different variant distinguished by size (11.6 inches and 13 inches). The 11.6 inches Notebook PC was priced at RM1165 while the 13.3′ Notebook was priced at RM1271. The HP Stream Notebook PC also comes with a SIM slot and each purchase of this notebook comes with a SIM worth RM30.

3.HP Pavilion x2 tablet

The HP Pavilion X2 tablet is can be used as both tablet and computer. Running on Windows 8.1, the HP Pavilion X2 offers versatile and high portability when it comes to productivity. Priced at RM1377, this tablet is a yay for those demands portability over performance. Besides, each purchase of the X2 tablet comes with a SIM worth RM30.

4.HP Pavilion x360


This is yet another laptop/tablet hybrid similar with the previous model. The main difference of this model and the the previous one is this model x360 has a non-detachable keyboard. As the name suggest, this laptop can be fold in nearly 360 to become a tablet. Single purchase of this laptop also comes with RM30 starbucks card


Apart from these promotion, HP also offering a contest where you can win yourself some awesome prizes!

Step 1: After purchasing any of these product, visit this website

Step 2: Fill up the form in the website

Step 3: Describe your work environment (Not more than 20 words)

Step 4: Submit and voila!

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