U Mobile Internet Roaming up to RM22000 a month?!

With mobile data connection become a more common thing today, many telco users still uses mobile data service wherever they go including travelling/working overseas. Although many telco offer those internet roaming plan in almost every part of the world, the rate and charges are also acceptable. However, one U Mobile  users complain after receiving a telephone bill over RM22 thousand! Let’s see some details below.

Unbelievable right?

One U Mobile user has upload his/her billing charges for the May duration. Suprisingly, the tax invoice has reached a price at RM22278.63 that is literally not affordable for most of us.

We have approached U Mobile regarding this matter and found out this user is using the U Mobile P50.

This plan comes with free 500MB internet roaming quota. When exceeded, the highest charge of the data rate is only capped at RM36 per day. Even though, it is not theoretically possible to reach this amount!

Here comes another possible reason. Since it requires collaborative effort in introducing mobile data for user in different countries, U Mobile and other telco are required to sign a contract between those company as those carrier are the only valid telco when using data roaming in overseas. This user is likely connected to others telco not listed above and thus cause this tremendous amount of bill.

On a side note, U Mobile also advise its customer to manually select the specific carrier when use data roaming in other countries. In regarding to this matter, we hope that U mobile and the affected customer can reach an agreement to settle this case peacefully.