HUAWEI launches ASEAN Academy plan to provide 3000 ICT course and train up to 50 thousands professionals

Earlier today, HUAWEI Malaysia has launched HUAWEI ASEAN Academy which aims to nurture the future IT professionals and to help Malaysia become ASEAN digital hub.

It is expected that the ASEAN Academy will create up to 50 thousands professional in 5 years. Apart from Malaysia, HUAWEI also set foot in other ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Thailand and more.

HUAWEI also invested 3 million MYR and to provide 3000 ICT courses covers 5G, cloud, AI, HMS and ICT. Each course will be covering 1800 to 4000 students and everything will be taught online.

These courses are design for government agency, professional field and students as an aim to boosts ICT ecosystem for the country.

Since 2011, HUAWEI Malaysia has been collaborating with high education firm in Malaysia to create digital economy. They also brings on 200 talents from the program. With the HUAWEI ASEAN Academy, it is expected to bring more ICT personnel in Malaysia.