HUAWEI launches cloud based phone where your apps runs on VM on the cloud!

Earlier today, HUAWEI has announced a new flagship smartphone from them and it is known as the KunPeng phone.

HUAWEI official stated that if you wanted to control multiple smartphone at once without using more smartphone, or you would like to play games through the cloud without relying on the smarpthone spec, then KunPeng smartphone is for you.

The Kun Peng cloud smartphone is able to bring out virtual Android operating system into cloud and enables smartphone with the minimum specifications to play games and perform task without requiring actual performance of the smartphone itself.

According to the official, Huawei Kunpeng Cloud mobile phone adopts self-developed Kunpeng chip. Compared with traditional simulator solutions, virtual mobile phone operation performance is improved by 80%. It also have professional grade GPU hardware acceleration to run games at ease.

It is worth mentioning that cloud phones are compatible with native instructions and can run mainstream games and applications, just like real machines. Cloud phone business data and confidential information are stored in the cloud, providing enterprise-level security protection on the cloud.

As one of the smartphone rx.medium.2 can be at instance and be distributed with 60 cloud mobile phone. Each cloud based mobile phone offers 1280 x 720 resolution and offering up to 3.5GB RAM and 10GB storage. Such monthly subscription for server is at ¥ 5950 /server /month.