Huawei Powerbank 13000 silent on sale!

A phone without any battery is a worthless piece of metal junk. No matter wherever you go or whatever you do, battery is one of the most essential thing when to have to get a piece of electronics running. After Xiaomi received high response on its elegant and cheap powerbank, Huawei also join into this hype train and silently release their new 13000mAh powerbank!

The Huawei Powerbank comes with 13000mAh and a 5V/2A standard charging output. Design wise this powerbank has gives a similar feel like the Xiaomi Powerbank (10400mAh). However, this Huawei Powerbank does weight more a lot at 339g.

The Huawei Powerbank also features a single button design that allow you to turn on and off and to check the remaining battery level on the powerbank. The curvy design of the powerbank also provides a better grip and handling sensation for the consumer.

This powerbank is currently priced at RM138 and available on right now! Looks like its another time for a tough powerbank fight!