iOS 13 is here: smaller app size, dark mode, privacy enhanced

On the Apple WWDC 19 happening earlier today, Apple has launched few product and includes an update to the iOS system. Let’s have a look on the newly updated and added features on the iOS 13!

Light weight & speed optimized

The greatest highlight of the iOS 13 is their lightweight design. It is optimized to deliver higher speed with 30% faster on facial recognition and 50% downsize on app storage. Apple stated that the iOS 13 app launch speed now is twice as fast which we highly anticipate the difference.

Dark Mode

After a period of long wait, Apple has finally add Dark Mode into iOS 13. This night mode changes the wallpaper and changed the entire theme on iOS 13 into black.

Maps, Safari and other optimization


The map app also has new features, such as Street View mode, travel planning, remembering your favourite place. The Apple’s map application will be more detailed, and some more detailed streets and architectural terrain will also be presented.

As for the Safari application, there are greater support for more fonts, notes and more. The Reminder function has become even more intelligent as it is possible to perform operations according to different types of notifications, such as scheduling and tags.

Privacy update

Security is another highlight of this update. The first privacy updates goes into the App location tracking which they will be requiring your permission and alert you. You can also stop app for tracking you when running on the background.

In the meantime, Apple also opens up Apple login feature to prevent users credential stolen during an onset of data breach. The email provided by Apple is a ‘salted’ & scrambled to a random text to add another layer of security

Memoji customization

First of all, communication between iOS no longer shown as unknown number. It will now show their name and their facial emoji (Memoji) regardless the contacts has been previously saved or not.

The new Memoji also ffers better customization including hair tones, lip, eye shade or even wearing AirPods.

In terms of camera, there is new added mode similar to Lomo for monochromatic like pictures along with some added facial enhancement features.

The album is also now much more optimized. Album on iOS 13 will sort up image and represented with a single image and tagged with date & time information.

New Siri feature

Apple also added Neural TTS technology for their Siri for smoother expeirence.

New AirPods feature

Siri now can sync received message into Air Pods. You can also share your music when contacting your partner iPhone which is also connected to Air Pods too.

iOS 13 will be added to iPhone 6S and above and iPhone 6 and below will no longer be supported. The official release date has yet to be confirmed.