JEDEC, WiFi & Bluetooth alliance restore Huawei membership

According to recent report, SD has restored Huawei as its member (giving their rights to use SD services). Besides, Bluetooth & WiFi alliance also restore its membership. This also means future Huawei devices finally has access to the WiFi, Bluetooth & storage functionality.

The incident dates back to May 24, when the SD Association removed Huawei from the list of members in compliance with the US ban. Wi-Fi Alliance subsequently stated that it would temporarily restrict Huawei’s participation in the organization’s activities. The Bluetooth Technology Alliance and the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (JEDEC) have suspended membership with Huawei.


As for today, Huawei has re-appeared on WiFi alliance, Bluetooth Technology alliance & JEDEC website. Taking the SD Association as an example, returning to the SD Association’s membership list means that future Huawei devices can continue to use the SD standard memory card.

In addition, insiders reported that these industry standards associations have suspended the membership of Huawei as an emergency response after the ban was issued in the United States. The membership of Huawei had since resume since the issue has “cooled down”.