LG V30 prototype design leaked with FullVision display

As one major rival of Samsung, LG also has their own phablet line up – the V series which is going to be unveiled next few weeks during IFA. The LG V30 is going to be the major rival of the new Note 8 in terms of performance, design and pricing. Nonetheless, no one can prevent one design from being leaked online by the infamous leaker @evleaks.


The new LG V30 shows their Full Vision display with a rear fingerprint sensor and dual rear camera built. It is known to equipped with Snapdragon 835 SOC with 4GB RAM and 6GB RAM variant. It is going to sport a camera with an industrial biggest aperture at f/1.6, thus able to retain more light in dark environment for better clarity and details.

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The V30 will be running on the new LG UX 6.0+ that gives a whole new perspective into LG UI.