Malaysian ISP ‘Aries’ now provides 1Gbps bandwidth with unlimited quota and a hefty price!

The TIME 500Mbps internet bandwidth connection is no longer the fastest internet services provided in Malaysia. There is one Malaysian Internet Service Provider named Aries which has launched Infinity 1Gbps broadband service that comes with unlimited quota! The primary purpose of their 1Gbps internet services is mainly targeted to large enterprise as it comes along with office and productivity features and a hefty price tag!

Apart from serving 1Gbps upload and download bandwidth, Infinity 1Gbps plan also comes with 1 million fixed IPv6 address which is good for large multinational enterprise.

However, the Infinity 1Gbps broadband service is only available in the location below:

Shaftbury Square, Cyberjaya
Neo Cyber, Cyberjaya
Prima Avenue, Cyberjaya
Century Square, Cyberjaya
Menara Multipurpose, Kuala Lumpur
Megan Avenue 1, Kuala Lumpur
Menara Tokio Marine, Kuala Lumpur
Menara Citibank, Kuala Lumpur
Empire Office Tower, Subang Jaya
UOA Bangsar South


Lastly, the Infinity 1Gbps internet broadband plan comes with a monthly fee at RM5000 per month which is likely only affordable for business and enterprise. Read more here.