Samsung launches Wireless Charger Trio for charging 3 device Qi-enabled device simultaneously

During the “Life Unstoppable” virtual event, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Tab A7, Galaxy Fit 2 and wireless Wireless Charger Trio. It is a charging pad that can provide up to 3 simultaneous charging for different devices include Apple, as long as it is Qi-standard support.


The wireless charging board has two colors: black and white. The size is 240×86×15.5 mm, and the weight is 320 grams. In addition, it has multiple LED indicators to let users know the charging status of their devices.

The wireless charging board has a total of 6 coils that delivers 9W fast wireless charging for Samsung devices. In addition, this wireless charging pad is also compatible with the Qi standard and can charge other 5W Qi devices, as well as Apple products that support 7.5W charging.

In addition, this Samsung wireless charging pad can be automatically turned on or off. Even if the user’s device is , as long as the thickness of the protective shell is not more than 3 mm, the wireless charging pad can also wirelessly charge the device. Thicker charging case may cause slower charging and higher heat generation.

At the virtual conference at the beginning of the month, Samsung did not reveal much about the specifications of the wireless charging pad. But so far, this wireless charging pad has been put on the official website of Samsung Korea and Europe.