Samsung rumored to supply 5G chip to vivo & OPPO

Apart from Huawei & Qualcomm, Samsung has their own solution when it comes to 5G modem & chipset. Recent rumors suggested that Samsung will be bringing their own 5G chipset to China market.

The 5G chip to be provided to China is the Exynos 5100 controller, Exynos RF 5500 transmitter and Exynos SM 5800 power regulator.

Apart from Samsung 5G solution, vivo & OPPO still relies on MediaTek or Qualcomm. The Chinese chipset maker MediaTek will be releasing the Helio M70 which is expect to bring support on 5G.

As from their supply chain, MediaTek & Qualcomm is unable to cope with the 5G demand for vivo & OPPO thus requiring other solution from Samsung.

Source : cnbeta