Samsung SUHD TV officially launched – Ultimate display quality in 4K

Samsung has launch a new model of 4K Ultra High Definition TV on Kuala Lumpur yesterday. The 4K SUHD TV by Samsung has received many compliments when it comes to the product quality and the amazing display. 

With long history and experience in creating 4K display in television, Samsung named this 4K SUHD TV where “S” represents its superior quality and display from the rest. With such accurate and precision colour reproduction in display, it is likely to be dominating in the TV industry and act as a reference 4K display TV.

One of the good features of the Samsung SUHD display is the implementation of advance display technology such as full-array LED backlighting, HDR and quantum dots and accurate black colour reproduction in the LED display. The internal quantum dot nano-crystal array in the SUHD TV is able to create a vibrancy of colours that create a whole new level of viewing experience. The full-array LED backlight is able to enhances both the quantum dot technology and HDR effects by reducing and expanding the luminescence based on different sector on the display. All of the display technology was then improved via Peak Illumination Ultimate technology from Samsung which put focus on the brightest display on the TV.

Besides, the Samsung SUHD TV is also capable of syncing between Samsung devices that makes mirroring possible without extra accessories and gadgets.

The new Samsung SUHD TV will be powered by Samsung own Tizen OS. With Tizen OS as its heart, the Samsung SUHD TV is expected to features the similar function with Samsung SmartHub that was installed in other smart TVs. With the Bluetooth connectivity installed in the smart TV, it can sync up to 5 different Samsung devices which includes laptops and smartphones. Besides, it is also pre-built with front camera for conference and Skype calling. All of these smart TV functions such as internet browsing and watching online videos is made possible by Samsung octa-core processor.

The Samsung SUHD TV will be available in several models. Those includes, JS8000、JS9000、JS9500 with display size ranged from 55 to 88 inches. JS9000 and JS9500 comes with curved LED display that provides comfortable and unique viewing experience.

The JS8000, JS9000 and JS9500 is priced at RM 9,999, RM 29,999 and RM  39,999 (including 6% GST) respectively.