This week’s top news and reviews

It has been a week that the Zing Gadget english site was made online. If you have missed any of our latest tech news or exclusive reviews, scroll down for a short description of the latest technology and gadget news happening around the globe!

  • HTC One M9+ was revealed on HTC launch event happening on Beijing this week. It will be featuring a bigger display and a MediaTek processor with a fingerprint sensor compared and will be available in Mainland China


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  • Xiaomi new premium grade on-ear headphones finally come to Malaysia. The Mi Earphone features 50mm audio driver with ultra low impedance.


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  • Samsung SUHD TV finally arrived onto Malaysia! Featuring 4K Ultra-high definition display, these TV is powered by many display enhancement and technology that makes it a new reference for 4K display.


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  • New aluminium-ion battery that can be recharged in 1 minute! Researcher states that these battery has potential application is many devices which could be revolutionized the definition of portable and safe battery.


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  • iOS 8.3 officially launched. Here is the list of new features!


Here comes our top reviews of smartphone, earphone and mobile workstation this week!


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