Samsung “Wemogee” offers help for people with aphasia

With more than 3 million across this world suffered from Aphasia, the loss of language capabilities that resulted from injury certain parts of the brain involved in speech and comprehension, Samsung Electronics Italia has co-developed a new communication tool with speech therapist specially designed for people who lived with Aphasia so that they can communicate to their friends and partner more easily throughout their lives.

The new app called Wemogee is able to replace text by translating emojis meaning, thus easing communication between people. It will be available in Google Play Store by 28th April and supports English and Italian at this current stage of development.

Through a simple and intuitive interface, aphasic patients identify what they want to communicate through a panel of visual options, sending the chosen sequence of emojis to the non-aphasic recipient. The non-aphasic user will receive the message in text form and can then reply using pre-set textual phrases. Wemogee also works as a home practicing tool, enhancing the effectiveness of traditional rehabilitation treatment of aphasia.

While pure emoji doesn’t conveys the full meaning or an expression, Wemogee is able to help Asphasialic users to communicate to others. It could be a good software that improve life of others if utilized correctly.