Sony Xperia XZ Premium Bronze Pink quick look!

During yesterday, Sony has officially unveiled the Xperia XZ Premium in a new colour – Bronze Pink! This colour is unique and new and it will be available on the market by June. Let’s have a look on the new colour on this Sony flagship before its launch!


The Bronze Pink as the name suggest, has a similar colour appearance of the skin tone. It doesn’t appear similar with the “Rose Gold” because this colour favours a natural preference over pink. As this colour isn’t popular nor common on other smartphones, the Xperia XZ Premium in bronze pink offers a fresh and unique look.


Despite the difference in colour, the XZ Premium in bronze pink offers the same 5.5 inches 4K HDR display along with Snapdragon 835 SoC. Other hardware and features remains the same with the standard model.

Source : 快科技