Smartphone Buying Guide: The most valuable smartphone under RM1000!

With the rapid growth of mobile hardware development, lots of flagship has been appearing in the market had packed with some unique features such as fingerprint sensor and comes with artistic design. Those flagship device are usually manifested with their own buy point such as fingerprint sensor, NFC payment, fitness tracking and others. However, those devices usually labeled with high price tag to cover up the part of advertising costs. Now we will list out some of the best devices under RM1000 in early 2015 that does not burn your wallet.

1. Meizu M1 Note – RM 699

The Meizu M1 Note comes with 5.5 inches Full-HD display but only priced at RM699. It is also powered by MediaTek MTK 6752 64bit processor and comes with 2G RAM and dual SIM standby. Since Android has started focusing on the development in 64bit system, owning an 64bit processor does provide possibility of support for future applications. The Meizu M1 Note also comes with colourful design just like the iPhone 5c. For those who adore plain and elegant design, this smartphone is ideal for you.

2. Honor 4X – RM 699

You have heard about it and you are waiting for it. Yes you’re right, the long awaited Honor 4X is coming to stores in April. With just price tag at RM699, you can now enjoy smartphone with 64 bit Android smartphone with Dual 4G LTE! The Honor 4X comes with Kirin 920 processor and 2GB of RAM. It also features HD display and also comes with dual SIM standby support.

3. Lenovo P70 – RM699 (approx)

If you enjoy spending the whole day using smartphone and lazy to go for a recharge, this smartphone is the best for you. Lenovo P70 is a brother of P780 which carries insane amount of juice! With battery size up to 4000mAh, you could use the device for a day or two without a single recharge. The phone also comes with MediaTek True Octa-core processor and 2GB RAM (and dual SIM standby) that can run daily app without hassle. With 720p display and such tremendous amount of battery, you can enjoy watching drama without stepping out from your couch/bed (seriously??)

4. Asus ZenFone 2

No, it is not the 4GB RAM version, this is the 2GB variant. Although it comes with 2GB of RAM, this amazing phone features 720p HD display and equipped with powerful Intel Atom Z3560 64bit processor. It also support Dual SIM standby and 4G LTE connectivity. Check out our page for Intel atom benchmark!

5. Lumia 640XL

This Windows device is the first phablet developed by Microsoft after acquiring Nokia. The 5.7 inch tablet features 720p display and 1GB RAM is sufficient enough to run Microsoft Office mobile and other windows application. There are 3G and 4G version available in the market but there is no big price variation between them.

6. Vivo Y27

Vivo Y27 comes with 4.7 inches 720p display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 64bit processor and 1GB of RAM. However, Vivo Y27 features 2 SIM card slot and 1 microSD slot and both SIM slot supports 4G LTE connectivity.

Those 6 phones above are pretty decent devices available at Malaysia market under RM1000. If you have more device to recommend, feel free to tell us below.