The new Android 6.0 will be codenamed as Android M?

The Google developer conference, Google I/O will be comes to live at 28 and 29 May 2015. As the event schedule and invitations begin to roll out to the public, someone has noticed the codename of the new Android ecosystem, Android 6.0 which is named as Android M as shown on the website.

In the Android for Work Update, an alleged codenamed for Android 6.0 has been leaked and screenshot by one of the visitors. However, this details and update has been removed (but it seems too late). Since, the latest version of Android 5.0 was codenamed aas Android L, the Android 6.0 will stand a higher chance to be labelled as Android M. However, what does the M represent? Macaroni? M&M???

This alleged information also stated that Android may be now changing the ecosystem, which now focus on the work besides casual use.

Since Android L has only just started to be available on latest Android device, does the Android M comes out too fast?